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Our HELPaholic Digital Marketing Specialists will grow your Online Omnipresence with our GEEKY goodness. Lean on our digital marketing expertise.

Top 3 reasons a Virtual Digital Agency is better than an old-school Marketing Agency

1. A Virtual Digital Agency brings together the best talent under the big blue sky, not the best talent that can fit under one roof.

OfficeHounds Virtual Digital Agency gives you access to a pool of people with a wider range of skills.

Tasks our HELPaholics have done.

  • social media marketing – including affordable monthly management and Facebook competitions
  • email newsletters – both internal and external for marketing
  • implement a marketing automation system that scores leads, making it easy for your sales team to see who to target
  • prepare board meeting minutes from audio recording
  • WordPress website design including ecommerce shops
  • implement administrative procedures to improve lead tracking from phone calls and emails.
  • secure emergency office space for a customer who had to be evacuated
  • source a car part for a Lotus
  • provide one to one training for an Executive Assistant
  • type up visit reports from handwritten notes for internal distribution to team

Starting to see why we’re called HELPaholics? We roll up our sleeves to get your jobs done.

2. A Virtual Digital Agency brings flexibility and convenience.

With no contracts, you simply prepay for services when you need them giving you the flexibility to pause or increase services in accordance with the natural fluctuations in your business. We adapt and grow with your business, bringing in the right people with just the right talent to deliver your digital marketing projects on time, every time.

3. A Virtual Digital Agency stretches your marketing budget further by rethinking the very idea of an office.

OfficeHounds leverage technology, allowing our HELPaholics to work where and when they are most productive. Our HELPaholics don’t commute or pollute. We work in silence or with music, normal office hours or after the kids are tucked into bed dreaming. We manage our HELPaholic virtual team to deliver your projects on time, pooling our resources to pull off that seemingly impossible deadline for you with the injection of happiness that our HELPaholics infuse in everything we do.

Productivity - Too much to do?

Never had a Personal Assistant? Try working with a Virtual Assistant

Our HELPaholic Virtual Assistants become loyal protectors of your time. Free yourself from tasks that don’t make the most of your talents and skills. Outsource time consuming admin tasks. Work with a productivity specialist to improve your admin systems or simply delegate, delegate, delegate. Every business owner deserves the support of a Personal Assistant. Our Virtual Personal Assistants are ready to help you get more done. If it’s a task you can explain, it’s most likely a task we can do.

OfficeHounds Virtual Assistant Services

- helping you obliterate your to do list one task at a time

Have you ever considered why James Bond has MoneyPenny?

Why the Queen needs so many support staff?

Why your doctor has never scheduled your appointment?

Why the Director’s Personal Assistant collects you from reception for your sales meeting?

The answer is simple. Professional people who care about productivity delegate.

In the Corporate world, larger organisations understand that key people need a Personal Assistant. The cost of the Personal Assistant’s salary is a worthy investment because she/he helps that key person to achieve more for the company.

Be more productive. Be less busy by delegating to a virtual assistant

A Personal Assistant is a gatekeeper, protecting her boss from distractions, pro-actively handling as many tasks as possible, freeing up her boss to get more done. A Personal Assistant is like having a second brain, someone to remind you, encourage you to prioritise and push you to finish what you’ve started.

You don’t have to be a Director of a Fortune 500 company or Sir Richard Branson to benefit from delegating to a Personal Assistant.

Our Virtual Assistants help small business owners, marketing teams and SMEs just like you to get more done every day.  You get the support of a Virtual Personal Assistant without the commitment or cost required to hire an employee.

A good Personal Assistant in London earns a salary between £30,000 – £50,000. By working with an OfficeHounds Virtual Assistant for £25 per hour, you truly are getting top notch support for a rate you can afford.

As a small business, we understand that you might not have the budget of a Fortune 500 company; we value keeping our prices fair for small business owners.

We believe that every business owner benefits from support.

Why do you think so many small business fail?

They fail to get the support they need and try to do everything on their own.

Don’t make that mistake.

Tell us about your business. We’ll tell you how we can help.

Call Maggie on 0207 183 5966.

See what Sir Richard Branson says about his Personal Assistant.

“I am a great believer in the art of delegation and in sharing the load to make everyone more productive. Having an assistant who is completely in the loop with our activities means we can keep up with everything. People often ask how I am able to keep on top of businesses in dozens of different countries and industries. Well, having an assistant who is on the ball 24/7 is one of the main ways it is possible.”

Quote Source: Things I carry: Smart Phone? I Prefer a Brilliant Assistant

Sir Richard Branson

We haven’t worked for Sir Richard Branson, but we have helped many successful business owners including a clever woman awarded the MBE for services to business and entrepreneurship by the Queen, several best selling authors and many businesses of all shapes and sizes including Tech startups, solopreneurs, manufacturers, recruitment agencies, estate agents and all sorts. We love them all.


Working with your OfficeHounds Virtual Assistant helps you  do the right thing at the right time.

Obliterate your to do list with the help of your very own Personal Assistant.


Virtual Digital Agency - help with ecommerce and marketing

We can help increase traffic to your website and grow your connections. If that traffic or those connections aren’t converting, we can put you in touch with our website lead conversion specialist.

Get the support you deserve for £25 per hour ($40 USD €30 EUR)

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