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Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay for social media marketing for your small business?

Consistency Matters for Social Media Marketing

Do you see every post your best friend or closest family member shares on Facebook? Probably not.  To get noticed on social media, small businesses need to put in the work to get seen. Your customers are online. To stay competitive, you need to have an active online presence. It’s what your customers expect. Don’t let them down!

If you are serious about marketing your business online, you need to commit to posting once each and every day.

Social Media Marketing for your small businesses

We get it. It’s a big deal for small businesses to dedicate hard earned funds toward marketing. That’s why we’ve used our years of experience to perfect a social media package designed just for small businesses at a cheap price.

You invested in your website. We know that’s a big deal to you, but it’s the least your customers expect. We want to help you do more online. We want to help small businesses like yours invest in the future. Over time, consistent social media marketing will help get the word out about your business.

How will you know my business well enough to manage my social media marketing?

We’ve carefully crafted your social media marketing strategy to make sure that we represent your brand consistently well on social media.

When we market your brand, we use information direct from your website.  By using content from your website, we know that we are using approved messages to represent your brand on social media. All of the other content we share is planned to be of interest to your customers.

You always get a week to review your content in our easy-to-use social dashboard before it gets published. This gives us a chance to make any changes that you request. 

What kind of content will you share?
  • Promotional posts with images (minimum of 4 per week)
  • These promotional posts help build a picture of what you do and strengthen your brand presence online by consistently sharing these image posts with information about your business, hashtags to get more eyes on your post AND most importantly, a link to your website.
  • We consider who your target customers are and what kinds of content is relevant to both their interests and your business. We’ll find content to share that will be of value to your target customers.
  • We share1 post every day. We repeat posts on weekends to get more eyes on your content.
  • You get a week to review your content in our easy-to-use social dashboard before it gets published.
Great price! What do I get for my money?
  • 1 post every day
  • 1 original post each week day
  • we repeat week day posts on the weekend to get more eyes on your posts
  • minimum of 4 image posts each week
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ included 
What social media channels are included?

Cheap Social Media - OfficeHounds Cheap Social Media - OfficeHounds

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (personal profile and/or company page)
  • LinkedIn (personal profile and/or company page)
  • Pinterest (choose 1 board for us to schedule to)
  • Google+ (personal profile or collection)

We post to all of these channels – all are included for $150.
No worries if you don’t use all of these social media channels. We’ll post to all of the ones you do use. 

Why don’t you schedule on Instagram?

If Instagram really matters to your small business, ask us about how you can use our social dashboard with Telegram to plan your Instagram content. 

Instagram does not like to allow people to schedule posts in advance. We don’t offer an Instagram service. We want your Instagram to be an authentic reflection of your business, so we think you should be snapping photos of your business with your smartphone. We can’t be onsite to capture the essence of your small business. If Instagram is important to you, we do offer a free email reminder service. We can offer you some free strategic advice about what kinds of photos to take. We can send you a free reminder email at the frequency you want to post on Instagram.   

Will social media marketing get me more sales?

We never guarantee that social media marketing will get you more sales.

Our work will get you more exposure for your business online and is likely to get you more clicks to your website and learning about your business via your social media profiles and the content we share.

Don’t expect to be flooded with new customers.

Do expect that consistently posting every day will improve your overall online presence and help new potential customers learn about your business.

We hope this activity will contribute to more sales over time, but it matters to us that you have realistic expectations about social media marketing.

Why choose OfficeHounds?

We’ve been managing social media for the little guys since 2009.

To give you some context, Pinterest was founded 2010, Twitter 2006, Facebook founded 2004!

We price our packages specifically for small businesses like yours.


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Below are lots of reasons why your small business should invest in your online presence and social media marketing!

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