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Simple tip to make the most of Mailchimp Reports

One really great thing you can do with Mailchimp is use Mailchimp reports to identify warm leads. Mailchimp reports show how many times each person opens your email and who has clicked on your links. A word of warning, sometimes people may open an email a couple of...

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Prysm Media Group Stop Calling My Business

If you've been running a small business in the UK, I'm sure that you've received a call from the Prysm Media Sales Group. They may have called you about events like The Business Show and other similar events in London listed toward the end of this article. Prysm Media...

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How to delete an old Google My Business Listing

Are you wondering how to delete an old Google My Business Listing? It's a common situation that someone in your business who is tech savvy will create a listing for your business on Google. The problem is that they have left the company, and now you don't have any way...

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