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About our Social Media Packages

Social Media Packages should be affordably priced for small businesses. We have been providing social media packages to small businesses since 2009. That’s only 3 years after Twitter started! Along the way, we’ve seen so many other social media marketers charging small business owners ridiculous corporate prices. Social media packages should be priced with small businesses in mind. Paying Corporate prices for social media marketing simply doesn’t make sense for your small businesses. Keeping your social media presence consistent is important for your small business and online reputation, but it isn’t going to have your phone ringing of the hook with new customers. That’s why it’s important that social media packages are charged at a fair price for small businesses.

Our Social Media Packages

All of our social media packages come with our very own social media dashboard. You can see the content we schedule for you before it gets published. Our customers found Hootsuite and other similar tools confusing and difficult to use, so we use our own super easy social media dashboard.

You can add the personal touch by scheduling your own posts from our dashboard. Some of our customers purchase the daily social media package to make sure we consistently share a post daily across all social media accounts. Some customers add in their own extra content when they have time. Others simply hand over the keys to their social media marketing and let us drive the results.

The kind of results you can expect from your social media package are increased brand awareness and clicks to your website. Consistent scheduling should see slow and steady growth of likes and your social media followers. Every business is different and some industries naturally experience faster growth than others, but the good news for you is that ALL of our social media packages will stop you wasting your time being distracted by social media and help you to improve your online presence by posting consistently.

davicon Top Dog Social Media Package Upgrade

Our Social Media HELPahlics can increase the volume of content scheduled, add more social engagement and deliver a more complex social strategy.
We can also add social advertising to your social media packages

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